Portrait of Elizabeth Kingston (textile artist and social media influencer), 2019, oil on Belgian linen, 102 x 77 x 3.3cm

For this project, I painted the portrait of Elizabeth Kingston.  Elizabeth is a textile and visual artist by profession. A Brisbane-based social media influencer and stylist for older women, Elizabeth uses her body as a site for performance, transcending the everyday into the extraordinary.  Elizabeth co-designed and created her upcycled ensemble with designer Darin Rose.  Formally, I used even greater clarity and an even more saturated palette with the introduction of a soft gold. The portrait is just larger than life-size.

Centenary series, 2018, oil on Belgian linen, sizes variable, four portraits

For this project, I painted the portraits of four women working in various sectors of the arts in Brisbane. I appropriated the poses and support dimensions of portraits by Gustav Klimt and reflected on what has changed and what has stayed the same for women since Klimt died one hundred years ago.  All participants were required to wear a dress of their choosing. For this series, I used higher clarity and a more saturated palette at life-size.

Genevieve as Helene, 2018, oil on Belgian linen, 61 x 40.5 x 3.3cm

Genevieve works in fine art and music and wears a dress sourced from a Brisbane op-shop

Bronwyn as Emilie, 2018, oil on Belgian linen, 183 x 83 x 3.3cm

Bronwyn works in films and television post-production. 

She wears a vintage dress sourced in London from her time working there

Ingrid as Mada, 2018, oil on Belgian linen, 152 x 111 x 3.3cm

Ingrid works in fine art, illustration, theatre and music. 

She wears her signature denim jacket and a dress she made herself

Margi as Sonja, 2018 -19, oil on Belgian linen, 122 x 122 x 3.3cm

Margi works in theatre, artist counselling, university tutoring and academia.

She holds her PhD thesis and wears a dress sourced from Mexico where she has a network of colleagues

Pictures of you series, 2017-18, oil on unstretched linen, 65 x 55cm approximately, 18 portraits

I am interested in the representation of everyday people - I believe that everyone deserves to have their portrait painted. For this project, I painted the portrait of everyone in my painting major cohort using a diffused pastel palette and sfumato technique at an oversized scale.

Pictures of you (Savannah), 2018

Pictures of you (Jenna), 2018

Pictures of you (Sean), 2018

Pictures of you (Kirk), 2018

Pictures of you series with some of my colleagues

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